How to Transfer Domain

Process For Domain Transfer International TLDS

1- Domain transfer from 1 registrar to another

2- Push domain from one reseller to another reseller

You  will able to transfer domains to this case domains are working durring transfer process and no down time.Each domain transfer will be automatically renewed for 1 year from the current to expiration date of domain.For transferring domain name to Hostpocket often takes 5 days ,but transfers may take up to seven days as well.For to transfer domain name we need some assistance from you to make this done.In this process for complete domain transfer  from your current registrar to you will need to follow these steps

1. For to transfer it is necessary that you are the OWNER/ADMIN of the domain and your email address is live which u used during domain resistrtion.Then you will get authorization code of existing registrar and give it to us then we will start domain transfer prosedure .For to make transfer done we need approval from the domain Admin  this request  sent automatically via e-mail for confirmation .

2. Before to make transfer you must sure that domain is not locked on previous registrar,for that you can unlock that domain which u want to transfer with us.

3. Remember You cannot transfer a domain which is already expired,for this first you will renew there then start transfer mode.

4. When you are going to transfer domain then 1 year Renewal willb with transfer mode,and it will auto renewed when you will move with

5. Remember If domain registrar are like (uk2,onlinenic , , , or namecheap ) then you will use push option for to make transfer domain with

Country Base Domain
For country base domains you will contact us we will guide you further

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